From University to my foot in the door!

I graduated University in 2013, and I had been trying to find a job in this time that required the degree I achieved when I got handed my Bachelor degree.

Finally in 2015 I have come across a bright light that has finally let me achieve a foot in the door which is a stepping stone into the journey I want to reach in my life time.

I am learning all I need to know, it has seemed that my journey of life was meant to be to lead me where I am today. I have learnt many things along the way, from being a waitress which has taught me customer service techniques, to being multi tasked. Today I am learning the behind scenes of a photographers world and how to succeed.

Although it has taken me a long time to get from University to a job that actually fits my degree, I have lost my creative flow I use to have.

How do I reach my inner creative zone again?

Working full time focusing on certain techniques to stick to, but I am limited by my lack of creativity. I wish my brain would go back to the free flowing ideas I use to come up with in my sleep. Bring back those days where I couldn’t sleep because I always had creative ideas swirling in my head, now a days I can’t sleep due to stress over adult issues, such as stress, bills and other personal issues that arise.

I would prefer knowing that my brain was flowing with creativity then dealing with problems.

Does this happen regularly? can adults forget their spirit? their inner creative streak? If so can I get it back? I only wish I can, then maybe I will be happier within myself once again and achieve better newer ideas for future goals.

If you are one who can’t sleep because you have constant ideas, then do one thing for me… Keep them, write them down, draw them out, don’t lose them, use them. Trust me you don’t want to lose your creative mind, other wise life can become very dull…

Just keep that in mind!


~ by courtzbb on July 5, 2015.

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