Silhouettes – America’s Got Talent 2011

Silhouettes – America’s Got Talent 2011

The simple illusion of an easy art form seems to keep be wanting more. My inner child must be wanting to sit beside me and watch all the interesting transformations of what humans can do via their hands, body, incorporating other people and even making a pile of rubbish a shadow phenomenon.

Oh how childhood memories flash back of making stories by creating your own shadow hand puppets. The most common replicas would be a dog face and a rabbit.

Here are just a videos that enlightened me.

Only three simple things to perform such a amusing idea, a wall, light and hands to cast shadows. Many artists use shadow puppetry and the concept has also been applyed to some adverts aswell. There are a few groups as well who performed shadow art on America’s got talent.


~ by courtzbb on April 20, 2012.

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