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From the beginning of high school I have been interested in poems, I quite enjoy writing them. It is a great away of expressing what you feel in a secretive manner. I have progressed my  poetic ability from when I have started which is always a good sign. Poems are a way of letting my thoughts and feeling come together in a piece that I can personally understand. It could also tell a different story to someone else who reads them. I will share 3 of my own poems because they all share differet sides of my myself. Some of these poems are produced through pure emotions while others are simple made by a creative explosion in my mind and I had to write them down.

Poem one:

A murder, a death, a suidide, a injury,

aren’t what we would like to fear.

A marriage a baby a kiss on the lips,

is what we would rather hear.

Our pain us brutal,

and jarder to control,

but we can’t guide our destiny.

We have to live on,

the further we go,

the more we have to guess our journey.

The further we travel,

the riskier it will become,

but let life take its toll.

Because what ever path,

we decide to  take,

is how we express our goal.

We need to show,

what is righfully ours,

before it all goes away.

Be brave and strong,

don’t show ’em your gun,

other wise you will be on your way.

Poem 2:

There was a girl,

who hated life,

no matter how hard she tried.

Her parents don’t love her,

she feels alone,

as guys will never stare upon her at all.

She lives in a castle,

with a noble stead,

and a napkin in awaiting.

As she always dreamt of her happy ending.

She was cursed upon an evil witch,

when she was first born.

To remain in this castle with no presence,

but the feeling of being torn.

She hardly spoke a sentence,

as she has scitzophrenia,

and no longer she can see.

She didn’t know if it was day or night,

even if the seasons had changed at all,

but she was stuck in this tower,

unless she fall.

She platted her hair,

which took three days to finish.

She had trouble finding the window,

which once showed her past.

Her fingers touched the large opening,

as she was ready at last.

She let her hair handover the side,

this would be her weight,

as she was fragile and thin she just couldn’t keep her strength.

She jumped out the opening,

falling like a kite.

Miss Rupunzel said one last thing ‘good bye cruel world’

before she suddenly died.

Poem 3:   

Moments that we wait for,

may never come at all.

Waiting for something special,

what’s the point at all?

How can we make goals in life,

if not everything we succeed.

Why bring down our egos,

life is hard to believe.

Life will always bring you dramas,

that’s what life’s about.

But always enjoy the good in life,

that’s why we shouldn’t doubt.

Never predict the moment,

it could lead you down.

Always keep an open mind,

the more you won’t see a frown.

So don’t judge life,

because it may not turn out at all.

Just go day by day,

without predicting your life at all.


~ by courtzbb on June 7, 2011.

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