Mini – exegesis to my creative project

Trying to figure out a concept to go with didn’t come to me as quicly as I hoped it would. I couldn’t decide either to great a schulpture or take photos or try something new for once. Erin Coates has inspired me from her art work and her way of life by trying new mediums. It is hard though to understand what medium to use when you don’t know what concept you are working with yet. A quote from the  reading, ‘the active imagination’ by Jung , “Sometimes active imagination takes place mainly inside the mind. Other times, the imagination is given form through painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, writing, or on other ways.” (Jung, 1997 p.7) has helped me through my journey as I took time to rest and all of a sudden came an image in my head. This image has stuck in my head and I couldn’t get around it so I let it become my creative project.

My concept that I will be developing on is stereotypes in modern society. What is a stereotype exactly?

“A stereotype is used to catergorize a group of people. People don’t understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one.”  (Emily, 2004)

I am looking at how stereotypes are just a way of ‘understanding’ a differen culture even though stereotpes do not fit most of the people who are associated with a certain group for example a biker is considered a beefy guy who has a long white beard, rides a Harley and wears black leather vests. Most bikies aren’t all have this same appearance only a same minoroty share this appearance. Stereotypes can be insulting and it can hurt somones feelings because they could get picked on for not fitting in or they are different to other people. Stereotypes demonstrate that our society has no individuals, we are all apart of a certain stereotype whether we like it or not. This is where my creative project comes in as I am going to take some well known stereotype groups and turn them into individuals.

I have done some research on stereotypes and came across a youtube clip of a stereotype song. Even if I cringe and the crudeness it find it is a starting point to express that we all are individuals underneath the stereotype blanket.


(Turner, 2007)

 Another inspiration was Banksy, In the first lecture we where shown a variety of ‘creative’ images and Banksy’s  helicopter with a pink bow helped the process of my work.

(FGFan, 2008) 

“According to research from C.N. McRae and others, stereotyping is a shortcut that enables us to confer order on our complex society.  The problem is that stereotyping leads to prejudice.  This is turn leads to discrimination.    All stereotyping is really is a simplified and standardized conception about the characteristics or expected behaviors of an identifiable group.  As a result, we develop generalized perceptions about people based upon such things as the color of their skin, style of dress, sex (oops, gender) and so on.  Stereotyping is all part of the process of perception which also involves such things as our sense of self-esteem and self-concept.  As a result, when we see certain groups or people, or individuals, we tend to take that shortcut that McRae etal. mentioned so that we can better order things in our minds.  Stereotyping no doubt serves a purpose at times, however, it is up to the individual to get to know either the other individual or members of that group to determine if their perceptions are correct.  The only way to do that obviously is to engage in communication with that person.  However, our perceptions and resultant stereotyping of the other may lead us to believe that we do not wish to communicate with the other(s).  It is at this point that such things as prejudice and discrimination enter into the picture .”  (OldHippieHatesNewAV, 2007)

This statement is exactly why I am doing this creative project, I want to shout out about how sterotyping is wrong and we are not the same. We are all individuals and have different associations with different objects and situations.

I began to think of just an image of a cowboy in a pink tutu and this is where it progressed from there. I decided on finding stereotypical pictures of the internet as this is the basis of what a stereotype actually ‘should’ be. From here I had to think how I will incorporate a tutu on this cowboy picture. I could have chosen to use photoshop, or a number of other options such as draw them, but I decided to make a hand made collaboration collage. When I found the best cowboy picture I had to associate it to something outside the stereotypical box and desided my cowboy will become a ballerina. Here I thought of another stereotypical group, bikies and did the same association as the cowboy. I thought A picture of Susan Boyle would be a good start. I also chose a Death metal band but have used Vader’s –  Death metal lyrics. I am mashing their lyrics with ‘Part of your world’ from ‘The Little Mermaid.’ This is to express how these stereotypical groups are individuals inside, it is suggesting that some cowboys may actually like ballet or do ballet. Some bikies may like listening to opera and Susan Boyle, and some death metal band enjoy classical music. The majority of stereotype groups don’t fit their stereotypes, only a minority do. 

I have done all of these by hand because I beleive it give it more of a personal touch suggesting that not everyone is associated to a particular stereotype as people have different tastes and interests. This is due to the fact that we are not the same becasue of personal interest, knowledge, beleifs, our background and our culture. These images could of possibly turned out better in photoshop but I don’t have the skills in that particular software. I believe my collages have spoken out more clearly then if I did use photoshop. I thought uploading the collages as an image will give the viewer an opportunity to make up their own mind about what I have created. It is said a picture can describe a thousand words, hopefully a collage of a picture can express what I am trying to say in those thousand words. This is a serious topic in our society and I wanted to treat it kindly and try and not offend anyone.

Sorry for the late submission, please forgive me as my computer is very old and I am still on dial – up speed!! Which means a pain when trying to hand assignments in on time.


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