Week 6 & Week 10 lecturers Erin Coates and Marcus Canning: Inspiring lecturers that will help me in my studies of Visual Arts / Marcus Canning / Erin Coates

Throughout the lectures there have been two main artists who have inspired me into thinking of new possibilities for my own future. The art pieces they come up with are interesting and show they are not afraid to take a risk. I can only hope one day I will have art work that will inspire other people.

Marcus Canning has been one inspiration that I will take on in the future of his design of the  ‘Ascalon,’ this art piece is amazing; he has done a lot of research and put a lot of thought into his work. It is installed at the Council house church. Without the background information that Marcus discusses of this piece you wouldn’t be able to guess what it could mean as it is seen as a white object curling around a steel pole. At first it seems simplistic but it holds a lot of meaning behind the art work. The 18 meter steel pole is symbolised as a lance which knights use for battle. The white cloth is the cape or cloak of the rider. The raised ground is where a dragon is resembles even if there is no defined lines of a dragon Marcus’s pictures of the installation showed this. This project is definitely a team project and has inspired me to make something as pleasing as this with a group of artists. It is a combination of human and machine to create this achievement.

(Hillary, 2011)

Erin Coates is an artist / writer / curator / lecturer. Erin has made many art pieces that have a lot of hidden meanings to and they all tell a story. She seems the type of person to go with the flow and come up with a piece of work on the spot then immediately tries to coordinate her plan into action. She uses different mediums which is interesting as many artists stick with only a couple. Erin has tried drawing, animation, collage and her main focus is on sculpture. She says she ‘isn’t afraid of trying something new,’ which is very inspirational and makes me believe I don’t have to settle down to one type of focus in my art as I can go a number of ways and chose different mediums to play around with.

(Greenwood Guardian, 2008)

These two lecturers have shone another light on my path. I will look back on these artists to see what their own next step is and hopefully I will start my own steps of becoming an artist that I can proudly call myself. At the moment Erin Coates work speaks out to me more because I am inspired into making sculptural pieces, but this could slowly change with new experiences, new artists, new likes and dislikes and different situations that will happen to me in the future. These all will determine where I will be in the future. If I want to become an artist I will have to take on Marcus Canning’s involvement in his research and keep gaining knowledge to produce better and bolder pieces of art. I shall also take on the determination of never giving up and keep trying new mediums and possibilities such as what Erin Coates does. This could help me
understand what my weaknesses and strengths are and hopefully inspire others as well.


Greenwood Guardian. (2008). Erin Coates and Justin Spiers. Retrieved from Guilford Lane Gallery: http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/1040-greenwood-guardian

Hillary, R. (2011, July 31). Julie Robson. Retrieved from WordPress: http://rachelhillary.wordpress.com/


~ by courtzbb on June 5, 2011.

3 Responses to “Week 6 & Week 10 lecturers Erin Coates and Marcus Canning: Inspiring lecturers that will help me in my studies of Visual Arts / Marcus Canning / Erin Coates”

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  2. I find what you have to say hear very interesting. Those pieces to me, as described in my blog, mean very little to me and I see as nothing more than a ribbon on a pole and black blobs or dots. I think that it is interesting to see how different people react to different pieces depending on what their background and cultural influences are. I remember going to a photography exhibiton with my brother a while ago and it was photos of homeless people. He saw it as just random people looking at a camera, nothing particularly inspiring. I looked it as a gateway in to those peoples mind and was truly encaptured and thoroughly enjoyed the exhbition. Just an example I guess how everyone is different.

    • Thank you for replying 🙂 , it is also interesting to hear your point of view on these pieces as well. I am guessing you are not focused in using sculpture as a medium in your studies but more directed at using photography. Using different mediums must also impact our understandings of different forms of ‘art’. You are right about how everyone is different in their reactions may it be by different general knowledge, cultural, influences and beleifs. I think by producing inspiring ‘art’ to a mass of people we need to consider all of the different interpretations. Whenever my family go to art galleries we all pick our favourite piece and everytime no matter big or small the collection we all pick something completely differet. This proving you point that no one is the same.

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