Week 5 Glen Spoors lecture + reading section 2 – How to be one of a kind – return to our childlike states and explore our imagination, unconsciousness, and dreams

This importance of keeping a record of our experiences, dreams and epiphanies I believe will help us become a better artist. By understanding your self lets you create better pieces of work, it is better to be relaxed, in mind with fantasy or be in a playful mood.

“Every good idea and all creative work are the offspring of the imagination, and have their source in what one is pleased to call infantile fantasy. Not the artist alone, but every creative individual whatsoever owes all that is greatest in his life to fantasy. The dynamic principle of fantasy is play, a characteristic also of the child, and as such it appears inconsistent with the principle of serious work. But without this palying with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth. The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.” (Jung, 1997 p.5)

Glen spoors lecture relates to this subject as he talks about myths and the individual. “Mythopoesis” derives  from the Greek “muthus” (myth) + “poiein” (to create): i.e. “myth making”… (Spoors, 2011 p.3) Personal experiences play a big part in understanding information and myths as we form symbols around situations can change the way we decipher our dreams and unconsciousness.

“Sometimes active imagination takes place mainly inside the mind. Other times, the imagination is given form through painting, drawing, sculpting, dancing, writing, or on other ways.” (Jung, 1997 p.7)

In Glen Spoors lecture notes he has many poems, I have written a lot of poems myself and the poem ‘Maiden you killed me’ reminds me of one in particular.

‘Maiden you killed me’  

“The animals are children and they scream and run

(An axe is dangled loosely as the farmer comes).

The table is a slaughterhouse and this is love:

A smile is just a baring of the teeth against a bluff.

Maiden you killed me.

You were just a young as me, we both were small

(But there was nothing equal or a common thought).

The tower is a prison, and your hair is rope,

And I am swinging from the tree upon the darkest slope.

Maiden you killed me.

You must be a flower in disguise.

You must be a flower in disguise.

If I’m singing that I can’t die,

And maiden you killed me.”

(Spoors, 2011 p.37)

This is a poem I made that just came at me like a train so I had to write it down.

Looking in the mirror,

With anger upon my face.

I happened to kill my husband,

I feel like a disgrace.

I cleaned up all the blood,

Cleaned the knife and blades.

My heart is beating harder,

Thankfully I have closed the shades.

I have to run away,

From whatever else I may cause.

What’s the point of living,

If all you have are flaws.

What is your husband bashes you,

And you feel you want to die.

There is no safe place to run to,

Sometimes all I can do is lie.

I always had to lie to myself,

Telling me he will stop.

But every night he comes home pissed,

And hurts me, until I drop.

Cuts and bruises are left to see,

Bones broken but can’t get help.

Slowly seeking revenge until tonight,

And the last thing I ever heard from him was a tiny yelp.

He use to be so nice,

He wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Until he got addicted,

Unfortunately he had to die.

He use to bring me roses,

With poems that he wrote.

He use to sing me lullabies,

Until I slit his throat.

He use to be the nice guy,

We lived happily for a while.

He never said bad things at all,

Until he lived in denial.

He use to rely on his friends,

Until they gave him drugs.

After a couple he was off his rocker,

And hid the stash under our rug.

He use to come home so drugged,

He didn’t know my name.

The next thing he was hurting me,

As if it was a game.

Every time he hurt me,

I always saved my breath.

I waited for the perfect opportunity,

To kill him to his death.

I try not to remember,

All the years and pain.

I would rather start my life again,

Then live in my own vain.

There have been many times when I have sudden ideas come to my mind and I don’t always capture them. When I do end up capturing one I go in a psyche until it is completed. I enjoy re reading some of my ideas and I think it shows me what by unconscious mind stores in my brain and I discover who I really am through my work. I think these ideas will help me through my journey of becoming a visual artist.


Jung, C. (1997). Jung on active imagination (pp, 1–17, 28-33). (Ed. Joan Chodorow).London: Routledge.

Spoors, G. (2011). CCA1103 Lecture notes. Retrieved from Edith Cowan University, School of Education and Arts web site: https://lms.sca.ecu.edu.au/units/CCA1103/lectures/week_5_mythopoesis.pdf


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