The beginning of a new experience & About me

This is just a trial run on making a post. I have always wanted to try and make a blog but I never had any excuses to make one till now.


My name is Courtney Blaire Bowra and I live in Perth WA.  18 nearly 19 years of my life has been spent in the same house with a family of four. People describe me as quiet and shy (unless I am with my friends), hard working, caring, a great listner and also very creative (depending on your interpretation). Animals, art, food, friends and family have their own special place in my life. I do enjoy reading, writing, poetry, drawing, creating designs for clothes, jewelery, music, creating movies and watching them.

I can only hope to grow into a artist that can inspire others into creating and developing their own styles. I don’t have to worry about never running out of inspiration as my mind will create new peices of art in a flash of light then it slowly fades away from my memory, in those moments I try and hold on to those ideas for the future. For many years I haven’t known what I would like to study until art seemed to be screaming at my subconsiousness,  from then on I haven’t thought of any other occupation without the influence of art. This realisation was based on mainly in late yr 12, I hadn’t had the opportunity to study art as I didn’t think my true calling was right in front of me before it was too late. I had always thought music or cooking would be my passion as I have played the flute  for 4 years and violin for 10 years but no. Starting Edith Cowan University was a great opportunity for me to grow and understand art in a new way. It has inspired me to become a creative individual. I thought I was still too young at first as I had just come out of high school into a brand new territory of opportunities it was bewildering. The only experiences I have done are going to Canberra to participate in the Pacific School of Sports, I was one of the photographers from WA to record information about the different events.

I hope to find my passion in a certain area, at the moment I would like to become a sculpturer as my real aim in life can be inspired through sculpture. My most hidden passion is to make and sell masks, and other objects that can be used for different purposes. There is just a hidden beauty and mystery in the stories of masks that has captivated me. I hope to enjoy what I do every day and to create inspiring pieces to individuals. I guess I aim to please myself and others, but as long as I am extremly satisfied with the work I  produce that will be fine with me. If you would like to contact me via mobile  or email about collaborating in any art exhibitions dont be afraid to call me on 0439957998. It would be a pleasure to start a art group.



~ by courtzbb on March 11, 2011.

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